the House.

So we really have a house now; really, that is, pending the inspection, which as we all know now can turn out to be a real deal-breaker. But this house isn't like the others, in that it's not built in the early '50s and ignored by its owners, maintenence-wise, since approximately the same era. On the contrary, it was built solidly in 1910 and upgraded in a beautiful modern idiom in 1993. And it costed us five hundred thirty-five thousand dollars in US currency. Thus my yikes of last night (which I actually just posted a few minutes ago; I back-dated it to last night since that's when I said it).

It is, however, a very nice house indeed. It's in Bedford, near the end of the bike path and within walking distance of Bedford center. It has a wrap-around porch around two sides of the house, and great light inside and two french doors, and beautiful floors, and... in fact, for a little while anyways you can see it at the Carlson Real Estate site [edit: and that while has ceased]. It also has more land than any of the other places we looked at: four tenths of an acre, which may be a postage-stamp to folks from more rural parts of the world but is a spread indeed compared with the 5000 sqare-foot lots we were looking at in Arlington.

It's all very exciting, especially now since we've committed to paying for the rest of our lives anyways; we might as well enjoy it at this point! We can't wait to move in, so we're REALLY hoping that this one doesn't fall through for any reason.