goooo Pats! mk II

You know, a town could get used to this championship business! Commenting on this Superbowl I feel like echoing my comments from last year: the Patriots didn't play their best, but they were clearly the better team. There was very little doubt in my mind the whole game that they would end up winning it in the end, and in fact the last half of the fourth quarter was downright anticlimactic! I think it's clear now that the Eagles were in fact only the fourth best team in football, after the Patriots, Colts and Steelers, but they did pretty well for representatives of the junior league over there in the NFC.

At least this time, unlike last year, the defence did a nice job almost the whole game: except for that fourth-quarter touchdown the defensive performance was a pleasure to watch. Also the food was better than last years, since we watched over at my parents' house and my mother made fixins for delicious delicious fajitas. All in all, it was a very pleasant and entertaining experience, and it feels good to be reigning champion in both the two sports that people actually care about. Yes, I feel that I have a part in this victory.

In unrelated news, we looked at a house today, an actual house. There is some rumor that we might be buying it; we will see what develops in that direction.