I should be asleep right now!!

Leah and I are a little sick, and right now I'm alot tired. She's asleep, lucky for her. But I've been reading things on Wikipedia for about an hour, and I want to make sure to post here because I'm afraid if I miss two days in one week... before I know it I'll stop writing entirely! We're trying to establish a pattern here.

A week or two ago I read Losing My Faculties by Brendan Halpin, and today I read Andrew Clement's latest book, Report Card. Both made me fear for the state of education in America, and indeed for the future of our civilization itself. How do kids survive it? Or teachers, for that matter?

a published wikipediast

I am now a published wikipediast—not that it's hard, you could go and change just about any page on that whole site if you had a mind to, which counts as publishing. But I put alot of effort into my first article, so instead of a blog entry this evening I give you the art Ensemble of Chicago on Wikipedia. Enjoy!