some progress

My exhileration at locating, in the Boston Globe (which we now receive), a handful of jobs for which I might be qualified to apply, is tempered only by the fact that I now need to actually apply for them. Haven't I already done enough?! After all, isn't the process called finding a job? Jobs found: mission accomplished. Right?

On the other hand, I can report some solid success in the effort to reclaim our home from Rascal-driven chaos. The vacuum cleaner is now repaired, thanks to some fine work with a soldering iron from our friend Bill. Leah gave me tools for Christmas: one day I will be able to make such repairs myself, like a true American male. In any case, it's a very welcome thing to have the vacuum working again, and it let us restore our home to at least the level of cleanliness at which we traditionally maintain it. Now if I could only manage to fix the broken disposal in the sink, I'd have it made.