"yion? yion?"

Leah sometimes feels that she has to go about her daily work with Lijah permanently attached to her—probably because often she does. That's why they call it attachment parenting, I suppose? But as he approaches two years old, he appreciates his brothers more and more. This evening he was delighted when Zion came home from watching video games at a friend's house full of energy and ready to run and wrestle with his little brother; but disappointed when Zion moved on to other things, like eating dinner, looking at a book, and using the bathroom.

"Yion? Yion?!" he asked, with increasing urgency. Zion was happy enough to bolt his food and leave the table—he does it enough on his own anyways—but a little more frustrated when Lijah tried to pull him off the couch as he looked at a book (ok, the new American Girl doll catalog). I'm not sure how he felt about his little brother yelling and banging on the door of the bathroom, but I bet that Leah was thrilled to see someone other than her getting that treatment! Especially as she sat at the dinner table enjoying a civilized conversation with her husband and charming eldest son.

They're all three of them changing all the time. I wonder what next week will bring?