post-Christmas decorations

I was walking Rascal this afternoon when I noticed a curious object in a neighbor's lawn. I guess it must have been one of those giant inflatable snowglobes, but if so it had clearly been borne down by the actual snow which fell the other day, because now it stood as nothing more than a foot-high mound protruding from the icy surface. In fact, it looked alot like a piece of ice itself, the surface lumpy and mottled with snow. And inside? A red-suited figure lying sideways half-buried in snow. I guess that's what Santa does now, hibernates or something, that the season is over. It's certainly cold enough: I don't think it got much above 15° today. It may freeze our noses shut, but on the other hand it solidified the snow up nicely so now we can walk through the woods with ease!