puddle jumping

When I have my own school, playing in puddles will be a key part of the curriculum for the spring—or indeed, for any time when we have a completely bizarre sudden thaw, like we had yesterday and today. This morning the first-graders were outside with us teachers rather than the recess aides, and they took advantage of our good natures to get significantly more involved with the water on the ground than they are usually permitted to do. Suffice it to say there were some wet feet and a little chagrin when we made it back inside—winter boots are not as waterproof as you might expect, nor are six-year-olds good at identifying the early signs of leaks while enjoying themselves frolicking. But I think everyone involved would say that it was all for the best, and they'd do the same again. When the world has been frozen solid for a couple of weeks it's nice to experience some liquid while you can!

Harvey and Zion certainly felt that way on our walk yesterday. After he saw Harvey jump in a puddle Zion had to jump in it too, and also every subsequent puddle we came across; just like when Harvey put his hands in one Zion had to do the same, again and again. Never mind that he had wool mittens on. Because of this delight in the watery world it took us a half-hour to walk maybe a quarter mile, and when Rascal and I were forced to desert the rest of the party in the interest of getting him some actual exercise they were moving still slower, distracted by Elm Brook, which is like a puddle but much bigger and moving. Thankfully they didn't jump in that one, and contented themselves with throwing sticks. Zion did get himself all wet anyways, by lying down in a puddle, but since that was part of a tantrum at having to go home rather than warm-weather playfulness it really should be part of a different story.

In short, while it's already cold again now—thank goodness, since it's not even quite February—the brief spring preview was very much appreciated in the proper manner, and we look forward to the real thing at the appropriate time.