agent of chaos

This year, I resolve to write in the blog every da-- Oh wait. But really, I have an excuse: first, our internet was out here for a couple days, and then later it was out on this computer specifically because Rascal bit through the ethernet cord in the hall while I was using the internet. I was surfing away, until all of a sudden a site wouldn't load. Odd... let me try Google. Nope. A sinking feeling. I have to say, I knew instantly what had happened. In Rascal's defence, he's always been afraid of that cord; I think he expected me to praise him for ridding our home of a dangerous snake.

The fact is, the 'agent of chaos' indicated in the title of this post is Rascal. It's not only that he likes to tear up paper and foam padding and scatter the bits all around the house (to say nothing of his own toys), nor even the fact that he bit through the cord of the vacuum cleaner to further his nefarious plot of making our house even messier than we can manage to make it ourself (he no doubt saw that cord as another snake and, even worse, one attached to some sort of terrifying robotic ant-eater). No, his real menace is more subtle. This evening I found a single sock in the hall, where he had left it, and I put it in the empty laundry basket in the bedroom. Ten minutes later, I noticed that the sock was now on the ground several feet from the once again empty basket; I put it back in. Not five minutes later it was out again, in the exact same spot as before. It's terrifying, I tell you.