open door policy

Our house is lovely, but one problem we do have is that not many of the downstairs windows open. Out of eight, we can conveniently open and close only three. That's not so helpful when you're trying to avoid air-conditioning by harvesting the cooler nighttime air; a good cross-breeze is impossible. On the other hand, we do have outside doors on three of the walls, so mornings and evenings having them open makes a world of difference. Only none of them have screens.

They used to, once, but dog and kids put paid to all three of them. Just as well most of the time, since we're constantly in and out in the summer, but it does mean that the bugs are in an out as well. But with an unusually dry June we haven't seen too many mosquitoes so far, and there are plenty of fruit flies inside already in the usual way, so with the doors open it might even be an equal exchange. We're not minding it too much.

Now when the hens try and come inside, that's another story. Luckily Lijah has taken on the job of chasing them out whenever that happens (he gets a little upset if someone else does it). With the chicks, there are already enough chickens living in our house!