never again

We went out tonight to celebrate Leah's success on the GMAT. We went to Niketown in Boston so she could get some new shoes, and then went out to eat and ate lots and lots of food. Thank goodness Leah did so well on that test that she'll never have to take it again, because I never want to eat like that again. Actually, at this point I never want to eat again at all, so it's all good.

I brought the leftover portion of my dinner home, though; right now the very thought of it sitting in the fridge makes me feel like vomitting, but I'm told that it's inevitable that I will, in fact, be hungry again at some point. Hard as that may be to believe at this point.

Leah will tell you about how smart she is at some later date, perhaps: suffice it to say right now that she's smarter than 93% of the world at math and smarter than 99% at verbal... things. At the English language, I guess. Woohoo Leah!! She rox!!!!