Leah has only survived the past couple days thanks to the large fan we've set up in the living room, which has been very effective in creating a small zone of comfortable air. Rascal enjoys it too, when he can. Which leads me to wonder: how does the electricity usage of a fan running just about all day compare with that of an aged window unit air conditioner? The AC wouldn't have to run constantly, I imagine, though its efforts to cool the house would certainly be hampered by the general porousness of our dwelling here. Our actual temperature control efforts are hampered by something else, namely the lack of functioning windows on the ground floor. We can get a great cross breeze with the three doors open, but we obviously can't have open doors at night, which is the only time we want the outside air coming in. We have no objection to leaving windows open, but sadly only four out of eight (which I'm told is 50% of the total) can actually open. Then, too, in the daytime only three of those windows have shades, but since I have extra shades that I haven't bothered to install I can't really complain about that.

It's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow. Whatever will I write about then?!