closed-door policy

Maybe in reaction to living in such a chaotic household, Lijah has taken to shutting all open doors that he sees. It's a reasonable thing; every time he walks into the kitchen he sees two or three cabinets and a couple drawers just hanging open. It's a service he provides, closing them all up! If only he could reach the ones above the cabinets too. Shutting the closet door is fine too.

The bathroom, though, is a little more questionable; as is the bedroom door, which he always slams behind him when he leaves the room. And when I'm cooking bread and boiling water for pasta on a warm summery evening, I'd really prefer he not shut the door to the porch every time he walks by. We don't have that many windows that can open on the first floor—we need all the airflow we can get! I don't expect him to listen when I ask him not to, though. If there's one thing we know at this stage of life, it's that there's no reasoning with our delightful third child. So yay for closed cabinets!