glad to be of service

Our South African friends Jo and Eugene are in town for a few weeks. They're staying in Cambridge without a car, so Saturday afternoon they came out our way to borrow sufficient bicycles to transport two adults and three smallish children. Came out by bus—the dreaded Saturday 62/76 route that takes an hour to get here from Alewife. They're much more adventurous than us clearly; never mind the 40-hour trip from Cape Town, we wouldn't even be able to handle the bus! The kids spent a wild couple hours playing in the yard while we grown-ups caught up with each other. (The kids didn't need to catch up, since not even the oldest of them remembered each other. So they could just get right into playing together.)

It was interesting spending time with the kids. Over five years adults don't change so you'd notice, most of the time, but two-year-olds turn into seven-year-olds, which is pretty dramatic. And never mind Eli and Hana, who we'd never actually met! But since I follow their blog I've seen pictures of all of them at least monthly, and heard about their adventures—so it felt just like picking up with any other kids I know and see every once and a while. Strange.

Jo wrote a post about the early stages of her travels, and our bikes feature at the very end. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that our cargo bike longs for more than the regular run to the library or Whole Foods, so I'm glad it'll see some action from a family that really knows how to adventure! Look for that in the June update—Jo, I expect to see it in a timely fashion!