relaxin on a saturday

Leah had the day off today so we just relaxed all day, and loafed around, and generally enjoyed ourselves. The beach was gone to (by us), brunch was eaten (ditto, naturally), and a movie was watched this evening. In between all that hard core relaxing we cleaned the house some (an on-going project, as I believe I mentioned). That's all.

I signed up for a new host for, so now all that remains it to transfer it over. There may be some little hiccups with the changeover though, so I'm going to wait a bit before I do it; not that I'll take any steps to ameliorate the situation in the interval, it's just something that needs to be waited on. For peace of mind, and stuff. Also, I need to warn folks who have content hosted on the site, or email accounts with me. You know who you are!