not what the doctor ordered

I came home from work yesterday feeling very poorly: a full week of teaching and getting coughed on tired me out, I suppose, and left me with a fevery headachey icky flu. Luckily Leah was there to take care of me, which she did wonderfully, so today I felt healthy enough to go exploring with the puppy in search of some good pictures of water. Not much luck in that regard, but it was still a joy to be out in the sun; at least, that is, until I mistook my footing and plunged well-past ankle-deep in icy water. The hiking boots did noble duty in keeping the entirety of the lake from soaking into my sock, but I still thought it would be the better part of valor to head home quick after that.

I also got myself pretty much soaking wet doing the dishes this evening, but that isn't quite as interesting.