sick and tired

Me and Leah are both a little sick today. First I started feeling a little weak and fever-y and she took all kinds of good care of me, and then she started feeling under the weather herself so I took care of her, a little. She wouldn't let me do very much for her, though, on the grounds that I was sick first. We had an altogether pleasant time, lying in bed reading all afternoon, while we waited for our computers to get updated. First we reinstalled Windows on her laptop, which was suffering badly under the accumulation of spyware and viruses, and then I put Panther (Mac OS 10.3) on my machine here (slowest. installation. ever.). I like it so far, but I miss my clear dock and my variably sized desktop icons. Having iChat back more than makes up for that, though. And getting a working iPhoto when I buy iLife will be even better.

And that's all. Thanks to the 'tired' part of that title there, I believe I will now be going to bed. Read the entry below this one if you haven't already, if you're looking for cleverness and humor. It's so clever and humorous, even, that it's worth another look even if you've already read it!