new server, yay! has moved! Not so you'd notice; I just switched web hosts, after months (if not years) of frustration with Fuitadnet, where I moved the site in 2004. We are now hosted by the fine folks at Routhost; let's see how long my good opinions of their services last. The switchover went remarkably well, so far as I can tell, but if you regularly peruse the deeper depths of the squibix web you will notice that much of the old content didn't make the move. I honestly don't think anyone will notice, but if there's something you miss, let me know!

Valerie Plame is a total hotty

So, i turned on CSPAN today like TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT, because I AM NOT THAT BIG OF A LOSER, and the Plame Gate hearing was on. Helloooooo! How come no one told me that Valerie Plame was, like, such a total babe? This story just keeps getting better and better! All the papers say that the VP's office divulged her name for "political" reasons, but i think Dick Cheney was just jealous that his old Lynney isn't as much of a fire-crotch as she used to be. Did i just say that? Look at the picture, people.

That hair flip used to be the secret weapon behind our nation's intelligence. If you can't tell meeee where the WMDs are, maybe you will tell THE HAIR!!!

spring broken

So it was supposed to be my Spring Break this week. That means I had to be hanging out at elementary schools four of the five days. Well, I guess that's all I can expect as a 30-year-old grad student: my Cancun days are over for good. So no 'Break', per se; how about the Spring? Well, we had one good day of open windows, but today a blizzard shut us in the house all day. They're saying there'll be a foot of snow on the ground by tomorrow morning. Failure.