double dog dare

We liked having one dog so much we got ourselves another one! Just for one week though, we couldn't handle more than that. We're taking care of Rascal's best friend Sadie, and aren't the two of them having fun together. Actually, Rascal is having more fun; being the younger of the two, he has more energy and is also more annoying. His idea of playing is to bite Sadie in the face. She puts up with it with remarkable equinimity, perhaps because she remembers the time when Rascal was a young pup and tried to play the bitey game and she punched him in the eye. She knows she could do it again if she wanted to, even though he's grown a good bit since then and is almost as tall as her now.

Along with the puppies we also have about 1000 girl scouts in the house, but they're only here for one night, thank goodness. It's only a terrible coincidence that the girl scout sleepover (for which Leah is responsible: I had nothing to do with it) overlapped with the puppy-sitting; though actually, it hardly matters, since Sadie is so good we hardly notice her presence. Rascal isn't bad, but since he's scared of girls and also bags, and since he barks sometimes when he's scared, his presence is less easy to overlook. He's cute though, so no one minds.

This is probably the most people we've ever had in our house, actually: besides the two dogs and 1000 12- and 13-year-old girl scouts, there is also Leah and me and Leah's two other co-leaders and the mother of one of those co-leaders, whose presence here fulfills some sort of scouting requirement for the presence of individuals with vital life-saving skills, and who very nicely consented to be locked in the guest bedroom for the duration of the evening. I'm upstairs too, but that's by choice since they're watching Space Balls downstairs. I participated when it was Apples to Apples they were playing. Also it's past my bedtime. But down there they're just getting the chocolate fountain warmed up, so I fear the chirping sounds of young ladies in full voice will continue for some time yet.