live from lululemon. again.

Yet again I'm writing this from Leah's store, only this time we're not the only people here: no, the place is full to bursting with store emplyees and their siblings or significant others. Why are we all here? It's a party! A pricing and tagging and inventory party! Yup, we've been here since 8:00 and there's no end in site; we're supposed to be here to midnight (and Leah told me 10:00!), but the boxes keep coming.

What we're doing is, the store got a big shipment from Canada (Lululemon is a Canadian company, and this is their only US location so far), and somebody needs to take everything out of the boxes, count all the items to make sure the invoices are right, reprice everything with price tags more appropriate to US currency, and put on the security tags. All told it takes, oh, thirty seconds to a minute for each garment, and there are about a million... a billion garments to be done. It's kind of fun... for a little bit. But now my back hurts and I'm glad to take a break to write here. I'm glad I don't have to do that sort of thing for a full time job! Poor Chinese factory laborers. On the other hand, I did work on web sites all day, and by 5:00 my arm was dying with pain. The desktop is too high for comfortable long-term mousing, is the problem.

In other news, other people at had been reporting spam in their blog comments in the past week or so, and today I joined the ranks of the spamees. Four junk comments deleted from two IP addresses, which have been banned. But I'm sure they have more. Pretty irritating. I'll think about what can be done about it if the problem gets worse.


'clearing to the beaches'

I mentioned a couple days ago that we were having some curious weather; well, it turns out it's positively normal around here, shocking as it may be to newocomers. They even have a name for the phenomenon--or if not a name exactly, then at least a quick prepared formulation that weather forecasters can rattle off quickly, in the expectation of having everyone know what they're talking about.

That formulation, of course, is 'clearing to the beaches,' as in 'Low clouds and patchy fog clearing to the beaches by afternoon' or 'Low clouds and dense fog clearing to the beaches by afternoon.' You see the tremendous variation involved. Now, I haven't been here long enough to know if this is a commen occurence, but from the fluency with which the 'to the beaches' phrase is uttered it seems very much like it must be. Furthermore the locution, if not the weather pattern itself, seems to be confined exlcusively to Southern California, at least if Google is anything to go by. Clearly, though, more research is needed into this topic.

And oh yeah, we've had Low clouds and fog clearing to the beaches by afternoon each of the past four days.


i work with that sinister and annoying reporter on TV!

So, first i'd like to say that i'm sorry for not writing in this blog like, in forever. But as dan has noted, i've been, like, working and stuff. what real adults call "busy." (i almost feel like a real adult, and i think i would more, except i work at a store where we wear the comfort equivalent of pajamas to work, so it's hard to get all hard-nose-y.) We have a visitor down from Canada who is visiting us this week, you know, just for a little "visit", and that means everyone is doing a little "extra" to show how good a store we are. For my part that means a little bit of extra working, extra running around, and extra being awake. all this extra anxious energy makes me a little bit shakey, but tomorrow i have a day off, so i feel better. .. until i think of the mountainous pile of laundry flowing from the closet... then i get anxious again.

But i was cheered today, because all day i was waiting to come home and watch a taped version of the TV show "True Calling," starring my friend and co-worker Michelle Harrison! The show airs Thursday nights at 8pm, but we couldn't watch it last night because of the pricing and tagging party. So we watched the show tonight, and boy was it a time!

Here's the synopsis. In short, the show is about this girl who works in a morgue who sees dead people come to life and say "help me," then immediatly afterwards she wakes up in her bed the same morning and has the day to figure out how to stop the murder. Actually, that's not in short, that's the whole freakin show. stretched over an hour. AN HOUR. TV sucks.

Anyway, Michelle plays a reporter who's tryin to crack the story on this girl, and who also happens to be the best actor in the whole outfit over there, but it doesn't help much given the writing they're working with. Michelle says she's on two more episodes this season, and if the show gets picked up for a second season, she may do more. As much as i want her to have more work, i hate to unleash this monster of a gag-fest show on the american market for anouther year. But next week Jason Priestly joins the cast, so who knows, it may pick up!

The bottom line was, it's really fun and weird to see someone you know on TV pretending to be someone else. Because it's like: "Hey, it's Michelle! What is she doing all in the morgue, bein mean, and acting like a reporter? she's so nice and not in a morgue most of the time, and she folds pants for a living!"

i hope i have more friends who i can see on TV, and maybe one day in GOOD shows.