visitors from the internet!

Yesterday we had guests visiting us from, respectively, Pennsylvania, Northern Ireland, and Germany. I took them on a brief tour of our local sites, and then we sat around at the squibix family home here and petted the dogs. Now personally, I see absolutely nothing wrong with meeting, in person, folks with whom I've heretofore only had virtual interactions. The two times I had occasion to describe to curious parties how we met people from such varied locales, however, my interlocutors expressed surpise and even dismay to hear that we had made our initial acquaintance via a web board. Come on, people, you aren't any more likely to meet a serial killer online than you are to cross paths with one on the course of your daily round! Like, everyone is on the internet now. That can be ICANN's* new slogan: "The internet: it's not just for social deviants any more!"

*Yes I know, not so much. But who else would need a slogan for the internet?! ICANN's all I could come up with.