this is what democracy looks like

After spending too much time Thursday and Friday tuned in to the workings of national politics, as I followed the debates around the AHCA, I was able this evening to get to participate in the democratic process a little more directly in Town Meeting. This was only the second one I've ever attended, but the Bedford Citizen did such a good job with advance press that I just couldn't stay away—even though the proceedings kept me out way past my bedtime. There were—are, it's most likely not done yet—lots of things on the docket, but I mainly wanted to cast a vote to ban thin film plastic bags in town. Which I duly did, and the measure passed.

It turns out I didn't even need to be there, since it wasn't even close enough for a counted vote—though it was much closer than any of the other measures. My brief argument in favor probably didn't do much to sway anyone either, but I was glad to have a chance to say something. Especially after watching all those John Lewis clips this weekend...

I left at the three hour mark, with five or so articles still left to consider. It gives me new appreciation for the 12-hour sessions our national representatives put in when discussion contentious issues. It's all bigger and better down in Washington—but local democracy is pretty important too.