why our family is weird

Yesterday Zion's friend from across the street wandered over while I was hard at work on the wheelbarrows. After watching for a few seconds, he asked, "Do you know why your family is weird?" Before I had a chance to accuse him of assuming the premise of his argument, he went on: "It's because you like to make things instead of buying them to save money." Well, that's true I suppose. I was happy to make the wheelbarrows work instead of buying new ones. But saving money isn't really my main motivator... I just happen to like making things.

Though I suppose the money is part of it; I get depressed by an existence built on making money so I can spend it. Since I don't enjoy spending money, that process seems like kind of a waste of my time, and a diminishment of my agency. In buying things I feel like a prisoner of marketing and created wants, but when I make something myself I feel empowered and capable and generally happier. It's not a huge deal; it's not revolutionary or world-changing. It's just my preference. And maybe it is a little weird in 21st century America. Fair cop.