on a clear day

Aaron tells us that today was probably one of the nicest days we're going to see in LA, and nice it sure was. It's been raining a ton lately, but today was clear, and the rain had the effect of clearing all the junk and smog out of the air, making it as clear as I've ever seen it here (and about as clear as it ever could be: that is, all the way). It's amazing: we can see all the lumps and bumps of the Santa Monica Mountains just west of town, we can see all the way to the San Gabriel Mountains over on the other side of LA in the north-east... we can even see the horizon out on the ocean, instead of a vague indistinct blur! Indeed, one better: we can see a little piece of that horizon from our roof! Woohoo, sea view! even if it is about two inches long at arms length.

We were up on the roof because asides from being clear it was also sunny and warm, nay, hot; the hottest it's been in two weeks, since Valentines Day or so. And like she did Valentines Day Leah had the day off, so we spent all day hanging around and doing nothing: cuddling, eating and lounging around on the roof sunbathing and reading and drinking beer. Actually, only I drank any beer: it was left over from the Superbowl, so you can tell we're big drinkers here. It was a little past its prime, I'm afraid, but still quite potable. We also made some ice tea (it was so hot it practially demanded we do so) which was a little more refined and civilized.

Asides from all that relaxing we also cleaned house some, especially in the bathroom, which really needed it. I would describe some particulars, except that I don't particularly want to relive them at this moment. But be assured, dear reader, that you would find them amusing were I to recount them. Aaron also had the day off, and whether we inspired him with our cleaning or he had the same idea himself, he cleaned up his and Kimberly's room something fierce, and in fact put us to shame. Ours is more an on-going project, you know. The only problem with this parallel cleaning effort was, he tied up the washing machine all day with his massive pile of laundry (which was all Kimberly's, I imagine), so we were barely able to make a dent in our own (all Leah's I can assure you). On-going, on-going. But it's more relaxing that way.