modern life, why must you mock me so?!

With the new computer comes a new chance to organize my life (or at the very least my digital life) in the forms prescribed by the makers of the machine. To wit, I made an effort to set up the Mac's built in address book and calender program. I used the address book a little on the old machine, but only because there was no other way to add folks to your list of IM contacts—your buddy list, as it's known—without having them in the book. There was no information included beyond screen names in that first iteration, I assure you. The calendar, of course, went completely unused by an unscheduled soul such as me.

Now I'm so busy and successful, though! Or so I thought until I tried to come up with some contacts and calender events. You know you're in trouble when everyone in your address book shares the same last name. Friends? Coworkers? Where are you?!?! Ditto the calendar. I've got my classes in there, but as for the rest I'm at a loss. Should I schedule my lunches, for the days I'm working at home? Walking the dog? (Can't chat now, I have an appointment in the bathroom at 10:15!) I'll have to ask Leah what she does. She has a little calendar machine that she carries around with her, and it seems that she manages to enter a fair amount of information into its electronic grasp. As for the contacts, though, I think I'm on my own. Know anybody who'd like a pen pal?