vacation from vacation.

Yesterday i completed a final paper for my marketing class, and good thing too, because one more day of market research and my brain was about to explode out my ears. Now i have a ten-day break until summer classes start, in which i will.... i don't know. i have no idea. Dan just asked me what i'm going to do today, and i gazed longingly out the window and said, "Contemplate my own mortality."

No actually, i'm going to the mall. But first, i'm headed to the spa to get all my zities popped by a professional. The other day we were sitting on the couch watching IRON CHEF, and i was fingering a huge volcano surfacing from underneath my cheek, and i said to Dan, "I thought i was supposed to, like, be done having zits after puberty!" And Dan was like: "I KNOW, RIGHT?"

There's nothing that makes you less psyched up for an interview than the threat of your potential boss leaning across the table, pointing, and taunting "Pizza face!"

dandilion days

It's been a good year for dandilions so far. I'd guess they're better able to cope with the heat and drought than other plants, such as my grass. We're not as plagued as some folks, but still we've had our share of work trying to keep our lawn free of the yellow peril. They're tricky, though: like, even if you pull em up when the flowers are small they can keep developing and morph into the dreaded puffball form days later. (Of course I never leave weeds lying around after I pull them up! I heard that fact from a friend.)

Also, sometimes they just grow sneaky, and come out with the puffball before you even get a chance to see that they're there. That happened to me the other day. Even worse, I saw the telltale white fluff when I was out with Rascal, and before I could react he ran right over the flower sending the hideous spores flying. It was just like in the movies when I dived through the air, screaming 'nooooooo...' in oddly distorted slow motion. After that I picked up every single fluffy seed, or at least all the ones I could find.

We might have dirt patches and clovers and some other little white flowers, but at least we're keeping the squibix family lawn dandilion free! Mostly.