country mice

We went into the city with Leah's parents and grandmothers to celebrate Mothers Day. We don't do well in the city. Especially when we make the mistake of driving in, and Mass Ave into Harvard Square is closed, and we don't have any idea where the restaurant is besides around the corner from Mass Ave in Harvard Square. It's hard enough to drive anywhere around there in the best of times, with all the one-way streets and the curves and the tall buildings blocking the view of where you want to go—I lose my sense of direction completely. We ended up parking a half-mile or so away from the general area in which we knew the restaurant to be, and walking: much safer.

On the way home we just took Mass Ave all the way back into Lexington (if was open in that direction). It was so pleasant to watch as the buildings lining the street got smaller, the number of lanes went down, and streetlights were replaced by trees. Yeah, it's nice to see all those different sorts of folks walking around, to feel the busy energy of an active city; but for the most part I'd rather just sit in my garden.

Still, the actual Mothers Day dinner part was great! Happy Mothers Day to all our various mothers!!