blowing hot and cold

Actually, no one could call what it blew today cold, but it was pleasantly cool at least, especially in comparison with yesterday, when it was too hot to live. It was also too hot to turn on the computer most of the day, and apparently into the evening as well. Both days I tried to escape the heat by running to the beach (not litterally running, of course), and even today the coldness of the water was much appreciated, even only up to my ankles. Actually, more like up to my knees, but the plan was for ankles only. Just a few waves caught me a bit by suprise. My phone doesn't seem to have taken any damage, however.

I know not all the audience appreciates my constant discussions of weather, but it sure was hot yesterday. How hot was it? It was so hot... I mean. I asked Leah, 'You know what it's too hot to do today?' But she knows me too well, and instead of asking 'what?' as per the script, she prempted my punch line by saying, 'Anything!' But she was right, too.