So, for the most part we really enjoy going to church on Sunday. There are lots of wonderful people there, for one thing. But for our family, it's not entirely a relaxing and restorative time. More of a work day. That makes sense for me, since I actually do work for the church—I have a full morning of looking after the elementary kids and the coffee and bagels. Leah's not sitting around relaxing much either: besides keeping up with the all-encompassing needs of Lijah (and the other boys sometimes), she also does her part to volunteer with the middle school kids, as a greeter, and—every once and a while—up on stage at the preacher. Yesterday was one of those days.

She did a wonderful job with her sermon—twice—and that would have been plenty. Besides that, though, she ended up doing most of the Cafe setup, since nobody else was there on time to do it. It made the church feel smaller than it is: you know, when the preacher has to set up the refreshments. Lijah was in my care for some of the second service, after spending some time in Sunday school and some time with Grandma. I was trying to do things, like brew more coffee, but he was very distracted by being able to hear Mama's voice over the speakers. One time I turned around and he was gone; I knew where he was going and caught him just at last (first!) row of seats before the stage (and I like to think I did it without being too distracting too!). Then we sat and listened for a while.

We were there from 8:30 until almost 2:00, so it was a day. Everybody was glad for some down time when we got home—just like we are every Sunday afternoon! And we're all looking forward to a nice quiet day of school and housework today. Mondays are the best!