I feel like I was hit by a truck travelling backwards through time

The time change can do strange things to the brain, especially when it\'s coupled with a day trip to a wedding in Garrison NY, three and a half hours away by car. That\'s seven hours of driving for about four hours of wedding, for those of you keeping score at home. At least the wedding was beautifully sited on the hills above the Hudson, and the hall featured a wall of windows for admiring said hills and river from the comfort of the warm inside.

Anyways, time change: yesterday morning, with half the clocks in the house on the old time and half changed to the new (and a third half stopped thanks to not having been wound) Leah and I kept asking each other, \"what time is it in real life?\". It leaves one in kind of a vague, bemused state, something that still persists this morning. Wait, do I have to go to work today?!