tomorrow's blog post, today!

Ha ha! Leah thinks she can make all the posts these days, before me?! (See, when she already posts in a day I have much less motivation to write anything myself; as I noted previously, my main motivation for putting anything down in these pages is to fill up one of those little calender days over there.) This time I've foxed her, though, because even though it's still today to us since we haven't gone to bed yet, the Moveable Type system thinks it's tomorrow! Welcome to October 2nd, suckers!!!

In other words, the dinner party was entirely sucessful. So sucessful, in fact, that when folks finally got up to leave I was shocked (shocked!) to hear that it was past midnight. Leah will probably say more about it, but my joy of meeting people who were willing to have an extended conversation about cookbooks is considerable. Maybe they'll be our friends; that would be nice! I cooked nonstop from about noon until 7:00, half an hour after folks showed up, so they better like me after all that! The menu featured my favorite type of cuisine, skewed american traditional. I think folks enjoyed it... it all tasted good to me.