comparative dogology

We had some extra dogs over today; or rather, since Leah was working all day, I had some extra dogs over. Specifically, Leah's parents' dogs Loki and Pip. It was amusing to observe the differences between the two of them and Rascal, and I don't just mean the physical differences, although those are noticable too: Rascal probably outweighs the two of them put together. But just as striking are the differences in personality, between our rambunctious high-energy pup and the two rather slower other dogs. It's not that Loki and Pip don't have alot of energy, it's just that they can express it somewhat more compactly than Rascal. Out in the yard Loki seems to be happy to run around in about a twenty-foot circumfrence, whereas Rascal's romps encompass the whole property. When I took them all for a walk in the woods the contrast was even more extreme. Rascal did seem to slow down a little for the three of us, though; maybe that shows he's growing up! One thing I'm glad Rascal doesn't do is bark and whine, since Loki does both and it about drove me crazy. The whining was probably because he missed his mommy though, so I suppose that's excusable.