a visit to a butterfly farm!

Today my kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Butterfly Place in Westford, and we saw about a million butterflies. When we walked in the door of the atrium there, a greenhouse-like enclosure, we all--kindergartners and adults alike--were amazed to see the hordes of butterflies winging this way and that, like some sort of Saturday morning cartoon come to life. They were all sizes and shapes and colors, and all and all it was pretty neat. The only down side was driving to Westford and back in the school bus, especially since I had to go right back up Rt 128, that I had just driven down not an hour before. And then, of course, I had to do the same thing in reverse at the end of the trip. When you only have a four-hour school day it's hard to fit in a field trip that takes 45 minutes or more of driving, each way.

Still, I gave a positive enough review of the whole experience that Leah wants to go check out the little flutterers for herself. Sadly, the place is closing for the winter after this weekend, but if we don't make it out there this year it'll be an adventure for next spring.