Hungry for fashion

Last night Dan and i did one of my favorite things in the world...... go to the mall!!! Dan wanted to get some cool kid jeans, tired as he is of his single pair of old-dood jeans which keeps falling down on account of them being Too Big and Dowdy. Before he married me, Dan didn't care so much about looking suave, but little by little my undeniable style hotness has rubbed off on him. So we set out on the look-out for cool-kid jeans and boy did we find some! Dan picked out a super-cute jean and T-shirt combo that looked so dashing that i wanted to pin him to the wall of the Gap dressing room (Yuck, i know someone who actually DID IT in a Gap dressing room... She got kicked out of the Santa Monica Gap FOR LIFE!!!)

I also bought a very very very dashing brown jacket from "Tristan and Iseut," which does NOT mean in French "Tristan and America," contrary to what the gay salesman thought. (OMG, i have SO got to get out of working retail!) Dan picked out the jacket for me, and it was a big winner, if twice as expensive as his whole outfit.

This weekend we will hopefully look like coolkids together at Canadian thanksgiving. Hopefully the suaveness won't be lost on the Canadians.


Leah is right, we went to get new clothes the other day. She unfairly disparages my old ones, though: they're perfectly respectable, it's just that I wanted a bit of a change! I picked everything out myself, but in keeping with long-established tradition I allowed her to do the actual buying.

That's not what I'm writing about, though (I was planning to but I really can't now, can I). No, my topic for today is the tons of work I did on the lawn today, including fertilizing it with the substance mentioned in the title of this entry. See, we're an organic shop here at the squibix farm, so no Scotts winterizer or what have you for us. The alternative, I find, is chicken manure--suitably processed and pelletized, of course. Before I deployed the fertilizer, though, I had to rake up the ground, and in doing so I noticed that there were even more weeds out in the grass than I had even suspected. Not wanting to favor them with the fertilizer meant for the wonderful little grasses, I spent some hours trying to pull them all up. I actually made a fair dent, and only got bit by two bugs in the process. I also spread an additional layer of grass seeds all over the front part of the lawn. I can't want to see if they'll come up!!