gouging is for eyes

So yeah, gas is now $3.09 here, and that's at the cheap places: $3.39, which was the price everywhere a couple days ago, is still to be seen as well. Even that's nothing, we hear, compared to some places in the South and Midwest, where prices have topped five dollars. Since folks like driving, naturally the airwaves are filled with talk of 'price gouging'; and I'm filled with doubt as to the appropriateness of those accusations. Sure, it may be that gas station owners or gasoline suppliers may be trying to make a buck off the hurricane, but come on: is this a market economy or isn't it? Folks are in the gas business to make money, I believe. If people paid the gas station attendent extra when they were feeling flush, I might understand if now they wantet a break; failing that, either that we have to either pay up or go without. It seems only fair. Anything else is naught but socialism!!