going to school makes me more efficient

More efficient, at least, at things other than writing in the blog...

I spent all day working on the computer, and when I decided I couldn't do it any more I made some cookies. They're mostly for Leah, since compared to her day mine was easy: she was over there working on the store from 8:00 in the morning until... well, she's still there now. She expects to be back at 11:00 or so. So she deserves cookies. But in any case, beyond the simple efficiency of managing to make cookies on an evening when I also made cornbread for my dinner, I accomplished an even greater feat. To set the scene, let me tell you that we have (and I think I've mentioned it in these pages) managed to finish off an entire batch of cookies before we even washed the bowl they were mixed in, to say nothing of the cookie sheets. And that's not because we eat cookies particularly quickly, either. So when this evening I had the bowl washed before the last cookies came out of the oven, and the cookie sheets clean and back in the cupboard before I ate even one cookie (not counting the obligitory tasting--ie, complete consumption--of a specimen from the first batch) it was something of an accomplishment. I cleaned the counters, too!

I credit the newfound work ethic that doing schoolwork again has brought me. Either that or it was just a fluke.