At least she didn't ask if we needed recycled toilet paper

Yesterday Judy's going out for a walk into town and she says to me, "Do you want anything from the bagel store?"
"Yes," I say, "bring us back a pack of 6 bagels."
"You like the used kind, right?"
"Used! They're not used! They're DAY OLD. Day old bagels are very different than used bagels. Nobody used them for anything!"

Then this morning, Dan says, "Oh, we got bagels! Are they day old?"
"Yes, or as you're mom would have it, 'used'"
"Ha! That's awesome. I'm going to call them used bagels from now on."
"They not used! Nobody used them. That's why they're still there. Hence day old."
"No, I think they're used. They were used for sitting on the shelf for a day. For that day, the bagel store used them."
"I guess you could say they were used as a sales enticement, but they failed in that purpose..."
"See? Used bagels."
"I'm just going to call them cheap bagels."


apples and trees and what not

Some people complain that Harvey's already developing a bad habit of sticking out his tongue. See exhibit A...

and B...

I can't imagine where he gets it from.

No, I've got no clue whatsoever.

Maybe from this guy?


the excitement never stops

We had a fun time at Bible study this evening. Since half the folks didn't show up, we decided it would be mean to continue with our study of the Gospel of John and make them miss the beginning of chapter eight, or wherever we are anyways. Instead, we played Ticket to Ride ("trains", as Leah and I and now everyone we know calls it). Awesome! Then we prayed, because, you know, you have to get some religion in there somewhere.

I was going to post something to this effect on Facebook (more briefly, of course), but Leah pointed out that that wouldn't be really good for my street cred: yeah! We played a board game at Bible study! So I write it here instead; if you're reading this blog, you already know I'm not in any way cool.