sick of school

I'm sick of school. Or, more accurately, I'm sick from school: too many days of staying up late and getting up (relatively) early and being stressed out have given me a sort of perpetual low-grade fever. And that's even though I've eaten more apples in the last few days than I did over the last six months! Lessons of old rhymes, why have you failed me?! Although, to be fair I haven't seen a doctor in some time, so I can't complain about them not staying away; the rhyme doesn't actually mention anything about keeping the apple-eater in perfect health.

I can't complain too much about the schooling, though—at least not in view of today's class. It's about elementary school science, and in our class meeting today we dropped mentos into diet coke bottles to see the lovely fountaining effect that doing so produces. Other activities have included disecting a twinkie, playing 'guess what's in the bag', and designing a spacecraft that could land on a planet made entirely of oobleck. So it's not just hitting the books.