the honeymoon is over

And I mean that title in the most literal sense. We just got back from five days on Martha's Vineyard, where we had wonderful weather the whole time and ate a tremendous amount of high-quality food. Both of us have previously said that we're never eating again, but on this honeymoon trip we both said it with a frequency never before achieved in our life together, and we meant it every time. We did other things besides eat, but it was all delightfully unstructured and relaxing so I don't really remember very much about it. Anyways, who wants to read about our boring old vacation?! Now, I imagine some people might want to read about our wedding--those few readers of these pages who weren't actually present--but that's sure an awful lot to write, and I don't know if I can face it now. I confess I took a notepad with me to the island, thinking that perhaps I'd jot down some notes for a future recounting of the wedding ceremony and reception; you'll all be relieved to know, however, that said notepad did not leave my bag.

So it was a good time. Now we face some effort to reintegrate ourselves into real life; may it be sucessful.