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i thought this information was only "for us"

I got a new hair color today. I went from light brown with blond highlights to dark brown with copper highlights. As a born-again brunette, i can already feel people taking me more seriously. For example, in the hour since i came home from the salon, Rascal was definitely seeing me as more of an intellectual.

The color was such a startling change when first blown dry that the stylist at the salon said, "Your husband is going to have a whole new wife tonight!"

If by whole new wife, you mean a wife that actually has sex with her husband? Then yes, i hope he does. I sure hope he does.

The other day Dan and i were discussing the college kids we see on our respective campuses, the trials and travails they must go through in order to orchestrate intimate rendez-vouses in the midst of prison-style living conditions. I said, "Isnt it good that were married and can have sex any time that we want?
And because we can, he said, we dont have to.

a picture (sorry, that's all we got for now)

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