"David Duchovney -- why don't you love me"

So here's good news for all those people who told me that i wasn't living up to my potential by working in retail: i am now a FLOOR SUPERVISOR at lululemon, which means i get to be all responsible for everything that goes on on the floor when i am in charge. (my dad made the joke, of course, that it's not so hard to supervise a floor; you just make sure it doesn't go about wanting to become a wall.) It also means that i have to make an effort to be more responsible looking, so out with my pigtails and mickey-mouse sweatshirts to work, as it was pointed out that while cute, i am dressing like a little child.
But upon leaving the house today, dan said that i looked very responsible. mostly i think that comes from pulling my hair back.

So today i closed the store as my first closing supervising shift, and i think i did a good job. The other eventfull thing from this evening at work was that TV's David Duchovney came into the store and bought a pair of sweatpants for himself and also a crop pant for his wife. i feared that the crop he bought for her might be too large, since he bought her a medium and his wife (cinema's Tea Leoni) is, um, like way skinny. But i didn't say nothing, because we only had mediums left, and i didn't want to insult his judgement of his own wife's size. "She's very tall" he said.

And in case anyone's wondering, David Duchovney is a very nice guy and totally funny. He sure was crackin some jokes for me today. He's been in the store before; in fact i helped him last time he came in and bought a tech top and a pair of shorts. the first time he came in, i was nervous on account of used to having a big crush on him. but this time i was more down with it, because i already met him and talked with him before.

That's all for news of the day, except to say that this morning i felt really really sick after taking a Bikram class, and i felt faint and had to lie down all day until i went to work. Berly said it was from lack of salt, and she had me eat some tato chips, and after that i felt much better.

also today, dan cleaned up our messy messy room, and i am much obliged, because the mess was getting to me, but i've been so exhausted these past few days, from feeling sick and overworked, that i didn't ever feel capable of doing straightening work. So the boy did it, and it made me much happy, and also he picked me up from work and brought me food and then got me more food when i came home. All in all, i am convinced that i have the best boyfriend in the whole entire world. Yeah, dan's the best.
So, sorry David. Perhaps it was never meant to be.


freedom, horrible freedom!

I drove a car today for the first time in a while (eight days, to be exact: either that or a lifetime), and it felt kind of odd. It didn't help that Leah's car is having troubles in the transmission again, so I was afraid it was going to break down in the middle of the street. It reminded me of the old days with my car! People who can drive places without worrying if their car will manage the trip don't know how good they've got it. I also learned not to try and take Arizona from downtown up to 17th: the traffic lights on Broadway or Santa Monica may be slow, but they're quicker than four-way stops!

Besides driving, I also did some cleaning today: our room was turning into a bit of a slough, as the boxes my computer came in take up a lot of room and kind of discourage us from keeping things clean. I maintained it was good excercise stepping over all the junk, but Leah wasn't too happy with it all, so I cleaned it all up when she was at work to suprise her. I left the laundry all non-folded in its bags for her to deal with, though: that's beyond my capabilities.

And how about this story: somebody at Leah's store called me and asked if I could make a flyer for them. So I did, before I settled with anyone on payment and things, only to find that they didn't want it after all; or more precisely, they didn't want to pay me for it. Ah well. One of these days I'll get paid for my design efforts, I'm sure, and until then I'll just have fun making them. Leah and I stayed up late working last night: she on the shipping binder for the store and I on this flyer. And today I made a Moveable Type skin, hopefully the first of many which I will provide, free of charge, to the benighted blogosphere. It was inspired by Leah's pretty bike. I like it.

- Danny

rain falls

Now we have some weather here, and ain't it nice. It was gray and cool all day, and at about 3:00 it started raining. It was weak, but something anyways. And after the sun set it started up again, and now it's just like real rain! I'm glad it's cool out, cause we've had the dehumidifier on all day to dry out some clothes, and man does that thing pump out the hot air. Where I'm sitting by the window (and where I sat all day) is just about perfect, cool on the one side and hot on the other, but I don't know about when it's time to go to bed...

The reason I sat in the same spot all day is I finally got everything set up properly so I can get some real work done, and I did so. So far most of it has been renumerative work that's not particularly interesting to the majority of folks, but I did (finally!) put together the page of Leah's paintings, and I'll put in on the site as soon as she gets home and I can ask her the title to one of them (which I forgot) and also make sure she likes the page. Next I hope to get together a few Santa Monica pictures, and then after that I may even try to start writing things again. I'm even thinking about another go at the words! Such optimism... I hope it lasts.

Leah has some good news and some sad news, but maybe she wants to write about it herself, so I'll leave that to her.

- Danny

more super bowl observations

It seems that other people liked the game, as a game and spectacle, more than I did. Bob Ryan's column in the Globe is headlined 'Perhaps best Super Bowl ever played,' so I guess folks liked it. Sure, it was eventful and exciting, but I'm with Ty Law: 'It was a horrifying game.' I guess that just means I like defense better than offense; and since I wanted to see the Patriots defense step up and dominate, I was horrified along with the members of the secondary when the Panthers kept making those long passes. On the other hand all those sacks were awful nice, and the offense wasn't bad either. And, it was a win. So overall I may have to revise my initial impression and say it wasn't a bad game after all. By next year when I see the NFL Films Presents movie of it, I may well agree with the 'greatest game ever' hype. At least for that half hour, anyways.

Of course, getting nearly as much press as the game itself today is Janet Jackson's breast. Yes, it was a breast, and yes, it was clearly a deliberate move on Justin's part to expose it. 'Wardrobe malfunction,' pah. But I, for one, don't see what was the big deal: my decency was not offended, and I can't imagine how anyone else's could have been either. For goodness sakes, hasn't everyone seen nursing mothers before?! Breast, and even nipples, are not dirty or indecent and if your morality is offended by the presence of one on tv for the merest fraction of a second, you've got problems. That said, anything that means we'll never have to watch a silly halftime show like that again can't be all bad in my book.

And in case you didn't notice, they were so lip-synching.

- Danny

goooo Pats!

What can I say, besides 'we had em all the way.'

It was a reasonably fun game to watch (though far from the 'best superbowl ever' or whatever Jim Nance called it when he was presenting the trophy), and I can't say I have any objection with the outcome. It was a whole different experience than the championship two years ago, cause this time (and how strange it is) we all had the expectation that the Pats would win it... how could it be otherwise?! So the end result was more satisfaction than jubilation. But it's still very pleasant and satisfying satisfaction, and I wouldn't knock it at all. The Patriots didn't play at their best, but that just goes to show you how good they are, cause they're second-best was enough to beat a pretty good Panthers team.

Leah didn't mention it in her entry, but she watched the game too: she got off work for that express purpose. We sat there for the whole thing and ate home-made french fries and chips and guacamole and Reces penut butter chips, and drank Coronas, and I ate (and drank) too much of those things and felt a little sick by the end. But an asprin and Leah's tender care and some lying down has made me feel as good as new, so now I'm ready to... go to bed.

Oh yeah, we also went to church this morning. That was so long ago! I'll write some about that tomorrow.

- Danny