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Well, the weather was a little colder than the last time we went to the beach for Valentine's Day, but it was still nice. We all three had a good time, especially Rascal, who enjoyed the freedom of the vast expanse of sand and frolicked happily with the other dogs until he could barely stand up any more. Now he's lying in the bed growling at us if we make the slightest move to disturb him.

I haven't been writing lately because I tend to do so in the evening, and the evening is alot shorter when you go to bed at 8:30 or even 8:00, as we've been doing. Yesterday we locked up downstairs and turned out the lights at 6:30; today it was 6:00. Yup, life is good here at the squibix homestead.


My live in slow mo

It has been a long winter in the squibix household. Without going into the disturbing details that many pregnant women post on their blogs, suffice it to say that I cannot wait to get this bundle of joy out of my effing abdomen. And by little bundle, I mean baby plus whatever other 28-pound alien seems to be clinging to my waist. Like seriously, can I please get a montage up in here? You know, a sped-up version of the next 3 months cut together with darling images of me unable to put on my shoes say, or struggling up the stairs while my husband rolls his eyes endearingly? I think I'll set it to "fat bottom girls" by Queen. No No, "Baby Balooga."


I ordered my seeds today, only about a month later than I should have. Since I don't really have any idea what I'm doing I just picked some things randomly; we'll see what comes up. Mostly, actually, we'll see what we have room for in the garden. Hopefully there will be many more plants than we can actually fit in, and hopefully we'll be able to find folks to distribute the surplus to.

Why did I finally manage to get my act together today? A combination of factors: if I didn't manage to get the order in in February it would have been just too embarrassing; and I was extra-motivated by being able to see the garden for the first time in living memory. Yes, the snow melted off nearly all the yard yesterday, and a cheering sight it is indeed, even with the largeish patches of dead thatchy lawn. Yes yes, we're going to get another big snowstorm tomorrow with 'significant accumulation', but it can't stick around long now. So it's all just more water at this point, right?

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