It is snowing now, Leah informs me. Yay!

a bad, bad movie

People have made fun of me, both historically and in recent memory, for not liking movies; but anyone who's kept up with these pages knows that that just isn't true. I liked Mean Girls, didn't I? And I liked Hellboy too, though I can't remember if I wrote about it in these pages (how lax I've been getting lately). So clearly, allegations of blind anti-cinemographic predjudices are entirely false.

That said, I didn't like Sky Captain etc. one bit. But I have a good excuse: it's a terrible movie. Even Tom admitted that to be true (although he liked it anyways). I can't say I hated every momemnt of watching the film, myself--parts of it were good clean fun--but what with the ridiculous plot, uninteresting characters and frankly bad special effects (I know, it was supposed to be a special effects movie!), there were moments where I would rather have been doing something else.

And don't even get me started on the magic airplane. Yes, I know, I'm supposed to suspend disbelief and all that; but come on. If the hero has a magical airplane that can essentially do anything (diving straight into the water from 10,000 feet and transforming into a submarine comes to mind) then the action becomes as you might say arbitrary. And that removes what inclination I might have had to go along with the whole thing.

And yes, there's more, much more. Why doesn't anyone else get a magic plane? How is ther a hidden island base a five-minute car ride from Manhattan? (don't worry, there's a bridge). Why do the giant British flying aircraft carriers use upside-down helocopter blades to keep aloft, instead of balloons? (think of the fuel costs!) And Oh so much more. But I won't write it all down. Ask me in person if you want the whole rant.