field tripping

What we learned from our field trip to Minuteman National Park:

1. Muskets aren't really that loud. As it turns out, there really isn't any need to plug your ears and shy away in absolute cringing terror.

2. The monents at the Old North Bridge are haunted, and gunshots and women's screams can be heard if you press your ears to them (this was the considered opinion of the class).

3. It is helpful to have someone along who has the slightet idea of how to navigate by road from the school to the field trip sight and, hopefully, back. In our case that person was me. Good thing I had the confidence to handle the awesome responsibility!

I did better on the marathon than Katie Holmes!!!!!

Mrs. Tom Cruise ran the New York Marathon last week and averaged 12-minute miles.

I know you're a mom, Katie, but you haven't had a job in four years and you have like a bajillion dollars. And you're like six feet tall. And the New York marathon is flat. You could have picked it up a bit.

Now i feel much better about my 9:50 average. Short people rule!

Thanksgiving summary

Thanksgiving dinners prepared: 1
Thanksgiving dinners eaten: 2
Meals between Thursday and today that involved Thanksgiving food: all of them
Most original use of leftovers: pumpkin curry

Football games watched (in whole or in part): 6
Football games played in: 1
Number of days so sore I could barely move, following football game: 3 and counting

Number of spam comments elsewhere on this blog: infinite