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baptism day

We got our little babe baptized this morning, and the service was wonderful. Harvey was quiet as a lamb the whole time—in fact, he fell asleep right before the sermon (good timing, my boy!) and only woke up to get anointed and to meet the congregation before going back to sleep. Yes, we do have a good baby.

Of course, we also had a party to celebrate the event. The invitations (featuring this adorable photo) indicated that no RSVP was necessary, and we sent them out to a large number of people. So we weren't sure how many folks we were going to get, or whether we would have enough food. In the event, we did. We won't be needing to cook for several weeks. Also, we've ordered a new freezer. That's not true, but in all seriousness, three dozen bagels and four dozen muffins is clearly more than enough for any party. At least I didn't cook the bagels myself.

The only distressing moment to the entire day was realizing I had left my camera case, containing not only my camera but my wallet as well, on the back of the car as we left for church. I wasn't in the best mood when I realized its absence; even after driving all the way home and back to look for it, though, I still got there in time for the service. Nelly suggest that it was the work of Satan trying to get me to be sad for the baptism, and that very well may be true, but it didn't work: my lovely wife made sure I had a good time, and felt the full measure of joy in the occasion. Which it was indeed very joyful. And a neighbor found the camera in the street and returned it shortly thereafter, so all was as perfect as could be.

So Harvey's now a fully paid-up member of the Christian faith. Does that mean he won't be fussy any more?

[photo credit Seddon Beaty]

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