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administrative note

It has come to my attention that there are people reading this blog. I mean, more people than I thought. Most of them, I assume, come for Leah's insightful and delightful words, rather than my own more pedestrian ones on the subjects of biking and weather. Since I can't restrain myself from posting occasionally on those heads, I would like to point out once again the "author archive" feature that I cleverly hid somewhere on this blog. By accessing the site via this address, you will receive a Leah-only version of the proceedings for your reading pleasure. For those of you who insist on reading—or at least skimming—my stuff too, I'll try and be a little funny from time to time.

Also, hooray and thank you to everyone who's been commenting the past couple weeks or whatever it's been. You're all awesome!


read? we don't have enough attention span to read all those words, we're just looking at those great photos and movies.

oh, and enjoying the music. more music

You've achieved quite a coup - comments are worth more than gold to us bloggers :)

Yes indeed! I don't even care what you all say; I just love seeing that little number next to the "post comment" button!

What are you talking about leah-only version? That girl's all blah blah blah whine whine whine. I only come here for landscape pictures and descriptions of the weather.

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