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passed over

In this Christian household we celebrate Passover a little less rigorously than we would if we were actually Jewish, but we make an effort (at least in the years when it falls earlier than Easter). Aside from hosting one seder and attending another, we also sort of kept the Passover fast, by refraining from any bread leavened with yeast. Hey, that's all it says in Exodus! It's a good thing we're flexible too, because it took tortillas and rice cakes to get us through dinner tonight, after the matza supply ran out.

Because that's the other thing: there's no way we're going to be off bread tomorrow! In preparation for the yeast feast to come, I baked 16+ cups of flour into two loaves of bread and two dozen hot cross buns. Hopefully they'll come out better than a couple years ago, although like I did then I forgot to add an ingredient—in this case, the egg—until probably too late and had to work extra hard to incorporate it into the dough. I think I need to review that recipe and make a couple changes. A couple more changes, that is: I already mixed things up a little by using some whole wheat flour and replacing the raisins with apricots and candied pineapple. Now that's properly festive.

hot cross buns just out of the oven

glowing with sugary goodness

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