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back in the (soggy) saddle

With the nice (albeit frighteningly unseasonable) weather, I've been just itching to get back on my bike—and not only from the bug bites! Unfortunately, since the mishap oh so many months ago things have only gotten worse for my poor machine. It was a flat tire that initially laid me low, but subsequent complications included rust, misalignment, and two floods. Not to mention, of course, the discovery that the tire itself was completely shot and needed to be replaced.

Well, now it has been. Also, the rust has been to some extent scraped off and the affected parts heavily oiled, and the bike itself has been removed from the flood-prone basement. The alignment issues are... still issues, but at least it will support my weight and move in a roughly forwardly direction. I'm thinking of riding it to work tomorrow!

Clearly, I am entirely fearless and intrepid when it comes to risking the time of those members of my family who would have to come and rescue me should something go wrong. What I'm most concerned about, actually, is the fact that the bike sat for some time—upside-down, for long-term tire-replacement purposes—in a few inches of basement flood. You'd never think that the saddle would show a tendency to absorb water under those conditions, but absorb water it has. Much more than it ever did, say, sitting out in the rain for seven hours. I tried to squeeze out as much of the moisture as I could, but I fear I'll have to ride sitting on a towel for the first couple post-flood cycling outings. Oh well, it's been so hot out I'm sure I'll appreciate the in-seat cooling.


I made it! The ride was beautifully relaxing compared with the epic struggles of the winter. I did get rather wet in the crotchal region, however; maybe I should have worn my rain pants!

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