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they're angry and they don't care who knows it

anti-Obama grafitti on a stop sign

is that "Obama" in the accusative or the vocative?

Sometime in the past month some graffiti appeared on the bike path in Lexington that's a little more political than the random obscenities and drug references that our local teens usually produce. Naturally, I wondered. Were the Young Republicans at the high school getting riled up? Were rich white professionals so driven by hate for the Democratic administration that they've taken to carrying spray-paint in the glove boxes of their Mercedes? Or was it just anarchists, as determined to resist this administration as they were the last one?

Certainly, the "Stop Obama" messages pictured above (and that's only one of many: almost every stop sign along the path in Lexington has been so tagged) mirror similar anti-Bush graffiti from a few years ago. More pointed, and thus more difficult to explain, was the accusation spray-painted on the guard-rail on the side of the trail at one point: "Ted Kennedy was a hypocritical fat-cat," it read. Right on! Way to stick it to the man! I would have loved to get a picture of that one as well, but before I remembered to bring my camera it was gone, painted over in white paint. I guess it hit a little too close to home for some folks.


I don't know if I like this better than the usual tagging of SENIORS 2010!!!! 420!!!!! FCUK!!!!!!!

On one hand, I applaud the youngins expressing political dissent. On the other hand, they're dumbasses. hmmmmm.

I would totally blame the anarchists, just out of habit.

Then again, maybe its moderate democrats, worried that he's doing too much too soon, and they just forgot the comma as they send this message to one of their own.

Or, maybe its Obama himself, ironically signing off as if he were writing a telegraph. Sirs, Sign Healthcare Reform Now, stop, Obama.

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