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Harvey's new wheels

Harvey in the bike trailer


At great expense, I have procured a bike trailer for Harvey. It's my birthday gift to him, and like all great gifts it was chosen to serve the giver as much as the recipient. See, I enjoy biking, but for some reason I can't leave Harvey alone at home and he isn't much of a cyclist himself yet. So, I will tow him around.

We took our first ever ride all together, we three human members of the family. Rascal was disappointed to be left at home and barked at us, but since when I offered to get a trailer for him earlier he expressed a disinclination to be shut up in any such contraption, he isn't in much position to complain. Also he refused to run nicely alongside the bikes, so that's that.

In any case, we didn't go far, but it was wonderfully liberating to be out on the roads again. We used to ride bikes together occasionally, Leah and I, but we'd only been out once since Harvey was born (since several months before he was born, in fact!). To lend purpose to our journey we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some ingredients for dinner; the pizza tasted extra sweet for having been fetched in such a fashion.

Here's to many more voyages to come!


Ah, how wonderful it is to tag a post with both "biking" and "harvey"...

Grandmas, I PROMISE that his helmet was strapped under his chin when we were riding. I was just unstrapping him when Dan said, "Wait! Let me take a picture!"

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