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sticker shocker

The previously mentioned sticker wars have heated up some.

another, more angry sign

I sense some hostility.

Hey Stupid!

Wake up! Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians no matter where they ride. Read the laws fully, you obviously don't have a clue. Bicyclists must abide by all motor vehicle laws.

Pedestrians Against Arrogant Bicyclists Who Risk Other People's Lives

That signature line totally looks like it should result in a cool acronym, like PEDAVENGER or something, but it doesn't. PAABWRPL? That's a lost opportunity.

It's late, and rather than taking time away from working on my own sticker I'll just say this: motor vehicles aren't allowed on the bike path. Where does that leave your logic now, PAAB?! (Can I call you PAAB for short?)


And I like how someone tried to rip off the red sticker first, and then gave up. Probably realized the ranty white sign wouldn't make any sense without it.

I adore sticker feuds... I think all feuds should be conducted via adhesives exclusively.

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